The Irish Place Names database is based on the Index to the Townlands, and Towns, Parishes and Baronies of Ireland published in 1861 after the Census of Ireland carried out in 1851. This database lists all of the villages, towns and townlands that were enumerated, as well as the Barony, Civil Parish and Poor Law Union that each was located in.     NOTE: Use filter boxes at bottom of table to search.

Place Name County Province Type Barony Civil Parish Poor Law Union Acres X Y Placename_1 Placename_2 Placename_1and2 Record #
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  1. Some place names have had alternate names. These are indicated by a.k.a. in the results. Alternate place names are automatically included in the search results.
  2. Counties Cork and Tipperary were split into two administrative areas. County Cork was split between Cork (East Riding) and Cork (West Riding). County Tipperary was split between Tipperary (North Riding) and Tipperary (South Riding).
  3. Kings County was renamed County Offaly in the 1920s. Similarly, Queens County was renamed County Laois. Also, County Londonderry is sometimes known as County Derry.
  4. Some placenames may appear more than once when the town or townland is split across boundaries.


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